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  One of the greatest advantages of living in a big city like Beijing is having an endless selection of restaurants to choose from.
  The selection is literally endless because in average, 10 new restaurants open each month in the city.
  A true foodies’ paradise, new cuisines, new dishes, new drinks, new chefs so exciting, you can try something new every week.
  But trying something new doesn’t necessarily mean we must go to a new restaurant, it can also be an old restaurant, a familiar restaurant maybe a place we’ve been to a hundred times and then one day…… surprise!
  The Village Café inside the Opposite House Hotel in Sanlitunlately offered its old clients such a surprise when it practically reinvented itself from the menu to the atmosphere and even the design.
  The all day dining venue recently introduced a brand new menu, a new service style that is adjusted to the different times of day and a new and very interesting art collaboration.
  We met with Nick Gollner, Marketing and Sales Manager for Swire Hotels Beijingto take a tour, try the new signature dishes and hear about the new and exciting Village Café.
  Village Café,这家全日供应的餐厅最近推出了全新的菜单,新的服务方式,还有新鲜又有趣的艺术展示。太古酒店的市场营销经理—Nick Gollner会告诉我们更多……
  With such a golden location, a strong clientele base, a decade of smooth operation you may wonder why change?
  Well exactly for these reasons.
  The Opposite House knows that since its opening, time changed, trends changed, styles changed and its customers deserve to enjoy the most up to date,>
  One of the greatest assets of the Village Café is the diverse nature of its clientele, embassy crowd, business people, families, young Sanlitun shoppers, expats and locals.
  However, this is also one of the biggest challenges for the operation and was also a challenge when deciding to revamp the place.
  How to stay>
  Village Café最有利的地方就是顾客群的多样化,使馆人员,商务人士,三里屯潮人,外国人等。但同时,这也是最大挑战之一。如何能同时满足这些不同类型的顾客呢?
  The makeover started with the menu.
  For this new menu the Village Cafécertainly did step out of its comfort zone introducing a very diverse and quite daring pan-pacific menu of both food and drinks that definitely stands out in the already quite crowded Beijing all-day-dining scene.
  改变,从菜单开始。关于新菜单,Village Café完全走出了舒适区,推出了多样化的菜式,而这些食物,酒水饮料都会给你不一样的feel!
  Old loyal customers fear not, your good old Village Café>
  What we liked about this menu is its “equal opportunity” attitude to hearty, fatty, comfort food and healthy, balanced, low-fat low-carb dishes.
  No one feels like the restaurant did them a “favor” by putting one single “special requirement” item on the menu.
  Gluten and lactose free options are also available.
  当然,老顾客们也不用担心,因为你爱的经典菜式仍然还在Village Café的菜单上,而且,还添加一些非常美味的新菜,相信你肯定会喜欢的!
  想要健康舒心的用餐,就请选择这里吧!Village Café主打的就是均衡饮食,追求着食物营养的均衡和健康。菜单上还有特殊要求选项,同样也有无麸质,无乳糖选项。
  Talking about the Village Café comfort food, the fish and chips is definitely one of the highlights.
  Other than being delicious, the Village Café fish and chips dish also has a story.
  From the very beginning the Opposite House based itself as a Beijing hotel that wishes to be part of the city and its creative community.
  It opened its doors to Beijing artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and craft food brands.
  The village Café fish and chips is a collaboration between the hotel and one of Beijing’s most loved craft breweries, Jing A (京A).
  Nick mentioned the Friday fish and chips and pints of beer bonanza but it is not just on Friday that you can enjoy more for less at the Village Café.
  Almost every day of the week has its own special promotion and even here they thought of ways to be fun and original with the activities, some are very straight forward but for some I suggest you bring a calculator.
  When the decision was made to reinvent the Village Café it was obvious that the entire look of the place will have to change too.
  The Opposite House being a boutique hotel that embraces original art and design loves to offer its spaces as canvas for artists.
  With a great emphasis on its central location and the strong connection to the city after 10 years of operating here they knew it had to be a Beijing based artist who will take over this project and they knew exactly which one.
  Dominic Johnson Hill, one of Beijing’s favorite artists and the man behind fashion brandPlastered 8, also a name that keeps popping up quite often on FM Lifestylewas the man for the job.
  For the new Village Café Dominic was asked to design the art on the walls but also the staff uniform that will correspond with it.
  DominicJohnson Hill是北京最受欢迎的艺术家之一,同时也是时尚品牌创可贴8的创始人。
  Dominic就为Village Café设计了代表它们独特风格的壁画,和员工衫。
  Dominic often jokes that he himself is not an artist since he cannot draw or paint, but he is the man who conceptualize this art, envisions it and finds the right talent to implement it based on his visions.
  It is an interesting work process that results in beautiful art as well as a wide network of collaborating artists.
  In the past few years Dominic’s art is displayed in some of Beijing’s trendiest spaces as he brings his unique concepts and international collaborations to the city.
  In the summer of 2017 the first art installation at the Village Café was unveiled bringing a cool summer vibe with a wink.
  2017年夏天,在Village Café的展示的第一个艺术作品,就给我们带来了夏日清凉的感觉!
  As we record this interview the second art work is already on the wall bringing entirely different style, colors and emotions to the space.
  It is not just the season that has changed, it is also a collaboration with another international artist and a different story Dominic wants to tell.
  Dominic is a Beijing based artist.
  His work is inspired by Beijing, created in Beijing and speaks immediately to people who live in the city.
  However, the artists he collaborates with are based all over the world and most of them had never set foot in the city.
  How can he expect them to understand his Beijing based>


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